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Posted by Loridana on 05-26-2006 at22:19:

  thats the difference ...

... between chaos and loki!!!



but in the end chaos failed it. :<

(screens taken while welcome weekend event)

Posted by Hera on 05-26-2006 at22:28:


loool almost all ppl are stunned xDD in loki /hmm butbut dopple's hammer is ebul q.q

Posted by Grillen_Ist_Gesund on 05-26-2006 at22:43:


on first pic they kill sands and not doppel like loki player on second pic
anyway chaos got more freaks as loki, someday u will notice it and come back =)

and btw ... fu i will write a complain ... its kinda sick, chaos server is always prefered then loki. our highlight was doppel, no fucking bapho-.-"
i get really kinda pissed about this...

Posted by Primal on 05-26-2006 at22:53:


lori told me there were 3 event baphos ;O

Posted by Loridana on 05-26-2006 at23:04:


yes 3 event baphos at the half. sleepy sleepy

loki? loki isnt out there!!! :P

no but loki hat like 10 tao gunkas 3 stormy knights 3 eddgas and doppleganger in the end.

the 3 stormy knights killed pretty much ppl too. twisteyes

while on chaos there where only 5 tao gunkas 2 eddgas and 3 baphomets. after that they only spawned sucky nubmonsters.

oh and dopple was kinda instantdead, the ubermobs on chaos survived longer. :p

hm but well in the end ... 3 eventbabos > all. :D

Posted by Grillen_Ist_Gesund on 05-27-2006 at13:50:


aso lol
so we just came too late with Geff to this event. cuz doppel was the only mvp we saw *click* proud

Posted by Loridana on 05-27-2006 at14:52:


yeh was so full that every time i made a screen i died. :< thats why i made so few.

Posted by Merit on 05-27-2006 at15:05:


I read at rocards, on chaos they spawned a monster thats so rare that not even its sprite is included in client. heh

Posted by Primal on 05-27-2006 at15:08:


yes and the server crashed for 2hours or so, lollet euRO xD

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