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Posted by Raindrop on 08-10-2019 at01:17:

  Hello Again :)

Hello all again :)

Im not sure if some of you is still hanging around here.

Still <3 to everyone.

A new EU server is opening next month maybe you know...

I wonder if any of you will be there?

Hope to see ya....

Posted by Mikami on 08-13-2019 at10:57:


I am not sure if I will start on the new server since the mechanics are the mix of the worst parts.
Since many regions tested now the "revo-classic" system it turned out that those servers usually have a life-span of 1-2 years and are mainly cash grab. But there is at least a chance that afterwards there will be a renewal server.

For the time being most of the people I play with decided to play on OriginsRO.
While it's still weird to play on a private server, it proved already that it has a balanced economy and really interesting war of emperium.

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