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Posted by Raindrop on 09-25-2016 at13:40:


Hello all. Love from Raindrop, Love from Turkey.

missed you all, missed Ragnarok....

lv lv lv

Posted by Wolf on 02-27-2017 at22:59:

  RE: Hello

Hello :O
Someon else still lurks around.. Good :P

Posted by Garf on 04-26-2018 at20:23:


Hey there~

How's it going everyone? Does anyone still play's RO somewhere? I do sometimes!
I'm missing the old times alot..

Garf / Wamai cool

Posted by Wallace on 12-17-2018 at23:48:


Heya Garf i am playing FRO with my brothers i miss old times too. I wish that we can turn back wushu times. cool

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