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Posted by Raindrop on 12-25-2012 at15:19:

  Old nice days...

Hey all Wushu... I missed all of you and all those nice days...

I now resigned from my job and building a new carrier on game programming.

Programming a like game like RO?

It is almost impossible but even dream of that is enough...

And what is more than impossible is playing again together with all those nice people again....

<3 u all...

Posted by ginadu on 07-24-2013 at08:42:


Hi, I am so happy to know you are pretty well now, you have your own life and enjoy your work so much now, I just wish you can be happy everyday.
So do you want to know something me recently? I love the game path of exile so much, maybe it is just the game you are working as well. I need to buy poe items for better items in the game, I know you can understand that.
Best wishes.

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