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Posted by Gandi on 06-24-2006 at04:37:

  Mystery solved..

Why I always used the 1st Cart with my Smith..
Not knowing why, until now:

Darn, the Cart is more emo than I am T_T

Posted by Loridana on 06-24-2006 at05:29:



Posted by Sada on 06-24-2006 at08:39:


cute <3

Posted by Grillen_Ist_Gesund on 06-24-2006 at10:59:


sad story XDD

Posted by Shajana on 06-24-2006 at12:24:


funny :3

Posted by Yonda on 06-24-2006 at12:32:


*patpat* gandi's CART ok

Posted by morelli on 06-24-2006 at16:01:


carts for president~

Posted by Watery on 07-12-2006 at15:18:


i found 2 cute ro comics by bara-chan , more art see here : http://bara-chan.deviantart.com/

Posted by Loridana on 07-12-2006 at17:51:


barachan arts are uber. cool

Posted by Shajana on 07-12-2006 at18:12:


Originally posted by Loridana
barachan arts are uber. cool

my firth thought, as i saw her pics, was: WOOOOW, amazing! ic

Posted by Woep on 07-13-2006 at12:36:


How cute

Posted by Grillen_Ist_Gesund on 07-13-2006 at14:01:


löl devi head is not cute XDD

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