What we are looking for


WuShuang is recruiting international, active, WoE interested player!
At the moment we are especially looking for the following classes:

Sage 90+ / Prof +75

Dancer/Gipsy lvl 75+ (Lokis Vail, vit-based prefered)

Sniper lvl 75+

Devotion Crusader lvl 75+ / Paladin lvl 75+

Assassin (Cross) lvl 75+

(High) Wizzard lvl 75+ (MS build prefered)

(High) Priest lvl 75+

Strip Rogue lvl 75+ / stalker lvl 75+

Blacksmith 75+

Advanced classes are welcome in general :>

We expect of you to be actively playing your character!
We also expect of you to be WoE active, to show discipline during siege time and to be fair and friendly towards other players!

Of course you can leave an application even if you aren´t one of those classes! ;3
at the moment we are looking for active woe interested players in all classes