How to set up an application correctly (please read before applying!)

How to set up an application correctly

We need to know following thinghs about you, if you want to apply:

1. Ingame Nickname

2. Informations about your build and about your current/final stats (screenshots are welcome).

3. Your (WoE) Equipment

4. Your last guild and reasons why u left them.

5. Why do you want to join WuShuang?

6. Informations about yourself (age, ro experience, ...).

7. How long are u online each day/week ?

8. Do you have/use TeamSpeak?
(if not here you can download it: download ts2)

We open a poll for every application in the intern part of our forums. Receiving a result from this poll takes 1-3 days.
For any further questions (about us, about your duties in our guild etc...), please contact Hevn or Stam ingame.

Notice: Your application has to be in english, since we are an international guild! We will not count applications in any other language!!

Example Application

Hello WuShuang!

My ingame nickname is Ruediger, I´m a lvl 93/59 High Priest, soon to be 94.
I´m a WoE/Support build, my current stats are (with job boni and buffs):

xx+yy str
xx+yy agi
xx+yy vit
xx+yy int
xx+yy dex
xx+yy luk

I´m not quite sure about my final build at lvl 99, but I think it will look like this:

xx+yy str
xx+yy agi
xx+yy vit
xx+yy int
xx+yy dex
xx+yy luk

About WoE important skills, I should tell you that i skilled Sanctuary (lvl 5 atm, will be lvl 7) and i plan to skill Safety Wall (will be lvl 7).
I got all other common Supportskills for every class ofc :>

My current WoE equipment should be more or less complete:

+x drooping kitty / poo poo hat
Opera Mask
+x cranial buckler
+x Unfrozen/Ifrit/Aqua/Zephyrus/Deadly Silk Robe
+x Immune Muffler
+x Ragamuffin Manteau
+x Genies/Flameguard Hood
+x Crystal Pumps
Hiding/Blast Rosary
Long Mace/Quadruple Stun Mace/Quadruple Curse Mace

About LvLing equips, I got all needed equipment for any (Guild) Dungeon. :>

My last Guild was Random Cookies. It was just a FunGuild of me and some friends, which we disbanded for playing real WoE.
I want to join WS, because a nice person told me a bit about you and it sounded like you are a nice and friendly Guild. Besides my friend and ingame husband Baerbel is WS member, too.

I am female in real life, and live in England. I turned 22 one week ago and currently I am working at a kaesefactory. I hope to start university in October :D
Usually I am online at afternoons and evenings for about 3-6 hours, depending on my mood.
At weekends I mostly am online for 5-10 hours.
I can join both WoEs at 99%.

I have TeamSpeak and of course I use it if it is necessary.
Ihave no problem with talking/writing english as well, so I think the fact you are international will not bother me.

I hope to hear from you soon <3